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Quality Service for Over 70 Years!

C.E. Holden, Inc. has been providing precision, high-volume screw machine parts for a wide variety of industries since 1950. Responsiveness is the keyword to our business philosophy. We're small enough to truly care about your order, yet large enough to tackle your high production requirements and most stringent quality demands.

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High-Quality Parts

Affordable Prices

Satisfaction Guaranteed

CNC Precision Machining

OUR CNC DEPARTMENT handles our customers' low- to mid-volume production needs and more complex parts. The department currently houses 10 CNC SWISS-TYPE SCREW MACHINES, also known as sliding headstock lathes. The capacity of these machines ranges from 1/32" to 1 5/8" in diameter. The length can be up to 12 inches long in one chucking; longer lengths are possible in certain circumstances. The capabilities of the Swiss machines allow us to hold tight tolerances, turn long length-to-diameter ratios, and complete reasonably complex parts in one operation. The ability to complete complex parts in one operation generally provides our customers with higher quality, cost-effective parts with a shorter turnaround time. Typical production runs are from 500 parts and up.

CNC Machine Shop in Pittsburgh
We specialize in the production of small turned parts.

Davenport Multiple Spindle Screw Machining

The multiple spindle screw machine department houses 29 Davenport and 2 Wickman automatic screw machines equipped with a wide variety of attachments. The capacity of our screw machines is from 1/8 to 1 inch round and up to 4 inches long, profiled bar stock up to 1 inch in diameter. Typical production lot sizes range from 5000 parts and up. We maintain a very large inventory of spindle tooling, cams, attachments, and spare parts to expedite the production of our customer’s parts without delay.


The focus for CE Holden has always been and will always be on building and maintaining lasting relationships with customers. CE Holden is proud to be a company large enough to meet their customers’ growing needs, yet small enough to know them by name. We excel with the attention to service and detail of a small shop, but with the equipment, services, and experience to tackle large projects.

Made in the USA
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