C.E. Holden Services

Personalized Approach

SECONDARY OPERATIONS include specially built equipment to finish parts that cannot be completed in one operation on the multiple spindle screw machines.

TOOLROOM - We maintain our own toolroom for in-house production and the maintenance of our cutting tools and equipment. In addition, we also outsource the manufacture of our tooling to several very reputable tooling manufacturers to expedite our customer's orders. All machine layouts and tool designs are still done in house with part quality and customer's specifications as the main criteria for the design.

INSPECTION - We have a very wide variety of inspection equipment and gauging. The inspection of the production is handled in a variety of ways depending on the customer requirements. Pre-production approval (first article inspection), in-process, and final inspection are standard. Automated roller sorting services are also available.

SHIPPING  - After production, all parts are cleaned to remove cutting oil and chips and packaged as per the customer requirements. Some of the special services available are rust protection, special packaging to protect threads and finishes, sealed bags, and lot sizes. We use all standard common carriers and parcel carriers.

OUTSIDE SERVICES - We have a very good relationship with our value-added service providers. The services include plating, anodizing, and heat treat. All parts that receive these services are inspected before shipping.