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C.E. Holden Machines

Precision Machine Parts

The Holden shop houses 31 Davenport and Wickman multiple-spindle screw machines capable of producing parts ranging from 1/8 to 1 inch (3 mm to 25 mm) in diameter to a maximum length of 4 inches (101 mm).  Our machines are equipped with a large assortment of attachments offering you:​

  • deburring
  • burnishing
  • threading
  • broaching
  • slotting
  • milling
  • drilling
  • knurling
  • counter sinking
  • cross drilling
  • recessing
  • thread rolling

To better serve our customer needs we have expanded our shop to include CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathes from Star Micronics. With up to 9 axis of CNC controlled motion, various attachments, and controller options our machines can complete reasonably complex parts in one operation. This provides our customers with a better quality part at a lower cost. Automatic bar feeders, chip conveyors, and automated parts collection carousels provide the possibility of "Lights Out" or unattended operation of our CNC machines.


Star SR-32J CNC Swiss-type Automatic Lathe


  • High productivity is enhanced by the advanced CNC unit

  • High rapid feed rate and a power-driven sub-spindle tool greatly reduce processing time

  • Newly mounted movable operation panel enables optimal positioning at all times

  • SR-32J/JN is specially designed for complex large-diameter short workpiece machining


Our Digital ShadowGage utilizes a rotating glass platen to transport, align, measure, and sort the parts. Precision optics and a high-speed LED strobed lamp are used to obtain a gage quality image of the moving parts. The part’s dimensions are extracted from the image in a fraction of a second and displayed on a monitor directly over the image. The monitor shows the actual measurements as well as the tolerances.

If all the dimensions are within specified tolerances, the part is saved into the PASS bin. The rejects remain on the platen and are mechanically forced into the FAIL bin. Each part’s measurements are stored in a file and can be retrieved by most Statistical Process Control (SPC) programs or Microsoft’s Excel®.

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