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About C.E. Holden


C.E. Holden, Inc. has been producing the finest quality screw machine products since 1950.  Over the years, we have provided our customers in Pittsburgh and worldwide with a tremendous assortment of parts and components including specialty screw machine work. We excel in the production of high-volume precision machined products while leveraging our CNC lathes and experienced personnel to economically produce low volume orders.


If we can be of assistance or if you need a quotation on any screw machine product or specialty screw machine work, just call, fax, or complete the RFQ Form.  Your inquiry will receive personal attention from our knowledgeable staff and a competitively priced quotation will be returned to you promptly.

Founding Principles and Pledge

1. Customer Focused

2. Integrity

3. Teamwork

4. Innovative

5. Continuous Improvement

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